Aviator Pin Ap

Aviator Pin Ap
Casino Pin Up Ranking:9 из 156
Year Pin Up was founded:2016
Withdrawal speed:До 5 минут

The Pin Up online casino has been at the top of the list of competitors for many years. All players are attracted to this particular casino, as it has a simple and clear interface, many slot machines that win quite often. It is not even worth talking about the variety of games, because there are many here, every player will certainly find his winning lot. We will tell you about one of these games in this article. It will be an aviator machine gun.

What is a Pin Up Aviator

The Aviator game of chance has a very simple and intuitive interface. The essence of the machine gun is to stop the plane in time, which is heading upwards in an arc. After starting the game, the coefficient starts to increase and the plane will take off. At this point, the player has to press the stop button so that the lucky plane does not crash. 

A very simple plot and ease of play allows the player to glide through several hours of continuous betting. It all depends on you and your decision to stop in time, if you didn't press too long - loss, if you pressed too fast - you win, but with minimal profit. It is very important to intuitively find the ideal click time, where the coefficient will be maximum, accordingly, and your profit will be greater. 

How to play Aviator Pin Up for free

You can play the aviator for free or for money. To play for free, simply visit the demo version of the site and enjoy the game. Playing for real money requires a little more effort. First of all, you have to register, go through the verification process, top up your account and only then place bets for real money. 

Aviator has two forms of play - Bet and Auto. Each one is different and has its own functions. In order to place a bet, the player must choose the default bet or register their own. Before the plane flies, the player must press "Bet" and after the game starts, you will see the previous winnings on the "Cash Out" button. The bet must be collected before the plane falls.

When you select the automatic mode, the automatic withdrawal button appears. It is necessary to specify the coefficient at which the bet will be automatically reset.

Aviator also offers automatic play. For this mode, in the machine settings, the player must select : 

1-Size of the bet

2-Number of aircraft flights

3-The reason why the plane will stop, for example, to win a certain bet or to change the balance to the negative side

When starting an automatic game, the player has the possibility to activate the withdrawal. After this action, the gameplay will become fully automated. In addition, the aviator offers two playing fields, which can be used simultaneously or separately. 

Where to find the aviator slot machine

For the convenience of players, the slot with the aviator is located in a separate section in the header of the official site on the horizontal panel. This section is highlighted in red. After clicking on the aviator button, you will be redirected to a page with a game that can be played both for free and with real money bets. All users can play for free, for this it is not even necessary to register, only registered users who have also passed the verification can play for money. 

How to increase the chances of winning in Pin Up aviator

No Internet method, no strategy from a famous blogger can guarantee a player 100% results. It is impossible to predict when the plane will fall, so the winnings are determined by a random number generator.
But you shouldn't completely abandon strategies, sometimes they still help. Professional gamblers distinguish three winning strategies, each with different odds of winning and profit:

  1-Reset bets in the coefficient range of 1.1 to 1.50. This tactic is the simplest and most understandable. With its help, most bets will win. If you watch the plane take off, you can see that it almost always goes over the 1.50 mark, which means that the chances of winning increase several times.

  2- Use low bidding data to place high bids. This method takes more time to implement, but you can win here much more than in the first method. All fields are used for this strategy. After 6 or more low betting wins, you have to place one more bet and set the x2 coefficient. At this point the second field can be left and wait for the multiplication by 5 to 10 times. The first bet will be reset to bet x2. So you will not go into the red because of the profit of the second bet, which will cover the costs

  The third method is only suitable for patient players. To implement the last strategy, you will have to go to the statistics and select a game in which the coefficient is x100. Once you have found such a game and selected it, set a timer and wait for an hour to pass. As the statistics show, the drop in high coefficients, namely 100-200, occurs once every hour and a half. To play, we use two fields, the first gain should be taken by x40, and the second should be increased to x100-x150. This method is the most profitable, but also, as you understand, the most time consuming, so you have a choice

These are proven tactics for winning at Aviator. We strongly recommend that you do not use strategies where specific bet cashing seconds are written, as the payouts are dependent on the random number generator, which means that you will not be able to influence the payouts. Also, don't trust the paid methods of winning in aviator. Be aware that they are scammers and that only they will benefit. It is better to use your experience and luck. 

Advantages of the Pin-Up aviator game

Pin Up Casino has many slots that you can win and withdraw from, one of them being Aviator. As we have already discovered, you should not trust internet strategies 100%, let alone buy them from strangers. The Aviator game has many regular users, and here's what they note as positive points:

  1-High return percentage. The return rate in Aviator is really high - 97%. Advanced players know that this is a very good indicator. 

  2-Easy to use game with simple rules.

  3-Availability of demo mode. In other words, you can try the game for free, without spending your money and even without registering.

  4-Automatic game. This is indeed a very necessary feature, thanks to which the game process becomes fully automated. 

  5-Fast wins. You can win within seconds after starting the game.

  6-Game dynamics. 

This was only a small part of the advantages of the aviator game, others can be listed for a very long time. As you can see, players treat this machine very well, as it is far from being able to place a bet and double it in a few seconds.


When did the aviator game come out?

The aviator game was released in 2019 and in such a short time has already managed to attract a large number of users who are being added every day. 

Is it possible to hit the jackpot in aviator? 

Unfortunately not, but you have the possibility to win with a high coefficient and to increase the stake several dozen times. 

Is it possible to play aviator for free? 

In order to play for free, the player must go to the demo version of the site, select the aviator slot and place bets. Naturally, you will not receive a profit from a free game, but you will not go into the red either. To play for free, you don't even need to register and go through the verification process. 

How to bet for real money in Aviator? 

Playing with real money bets is a bit more complicated as you have to register and make a deposit before playing. 

What bonus can you get in Pin Up?

After registration, the user can immediately receive a bonus in the amount of +100% and 250, but for this you need to replenish the deposit of 2000 and more than a thousand rubles. If you have reloaded your account within an hour of registration, the bonus amount will be 120%. The maximum possible bonus is 25,000 rupees.

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