Dan Zigmond

Dan Zigmond

Dan Zigmond is a writer, technologist, and Zen teacher. His most recent book Buddha’s Office: The Ancient Art of Waking Up While Working Well was published in 2019. You can find more of his teachings at www.shmonk.com.

Recent Articles

Shall I Stay or Shall I Go?

More people than ever before are changing jobs, or at least thinking about it. To help you decide, says Dan Zigmond, contemplate the nature of change.

Meditation Is a Political Act

Meditation is about facing suffering squarely and seeing reality clearly. That’s why it’s the best starting place if you want to help a troubled world, says Zen teacher Dan Zigmond.

Right Action in the Face of Suffering

As we witness the great suffering of the Russian-Ukraine war, says Dan Zigmond, we have a moral obligation to pay attention.

You Are Not Your Job

This year we have all learned the lesson of impermanence. The plans we thought we were making, the lives we thought we were living—2020 has taught us just how illusory they were. For many of us, jobs and careers have proven to be the most impermanent of all. Yet in these uncertain times of layoffs,…