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5 Meditations on the Breath

From getting to sleep to completely waking up, working with your breath offers practical and profound benefits.

How to Do Walking Meditation

Arinna Weisman and Jean Smith shed light on a common yet often misunderstood meditative practice, via simple-to-follow instructions.

Incense in a shrine room.

How to Practice Mindfulness Meditation

This basic mindfulness meditation from Zen teacher James Ishmael Ford offers a great practice to start your day.

10 Ways to Find True Happiness

Introduced by Kaira Jewel Lingo, ten Black dharma teachers dive deep into the paramis, the ten qualities of enlightened beings.

Our free “Women of Wisdom Summit” has begun!

This free five-day online event brings together esteemed scholars and thought leaders to explore the roots of feminine wisdom.

Welcoming the Year of the Wood Dragon

For Tibetan Buddhists, this week marks Losar, the new year — a time to clean house, cherish family, make offerings, contemplate the past year and welcome the new.

Sign up for “Bodhi Leaves: The Asian American Buddhist Monthly”

Lion’s Roar’s new digital publication will feature articles and teachings exploring the Asian American Buddhist experience.

The 17th Annual Lion’s Roar Online Auction has begun!

The 17th Annual Lion’s Roar Online Auction, our biggest fundraising event of the year, begins November 13.

illustration of Dr. Anouk Aimée Shambrook on red background.

Meet a Teacher: Dr. Anouk Aimée Shambrook

Dr. Anouk Aimée Shambrook gets personal with the Lion's Roar readership.

Photo taken from above of woman meditating
Collage of summit speakers.

Free “Death, Love, & Wisdom Summit” has begun!

This free 5-day online event brings together 16 leading experts and spiritual teachers trained in helping the dying, and those who care for them, to face death in positive and realistic ways.

Kazuaki Tanahashi painting.

Kazuaki Tanahashi: Painting Peace

Explore this selection of art and Buddhist wisdom to give hope in a time of global crisis by artist, peace and environmental worker, and renowned calligrapher, Kazuaki Tanahashi.

a path in the woods

Share Your Wisdom: What’s your advice for Buddhists new to the path?

Have you been practicing Buddhist for awhile? If so, what is your advice for people new to the path?

Enseñanzas budistas sobre la meditación de atención plena

¿Qué es la meditación de atención plena y cómo se practica? A continuación encontrarás información básica sobre la práctica y sus raíces budistas, además de instrucciones fáciles de seguir y lecturas adicionales.

A hand holds a blue Catholic rosary.

Entrevista a Rubén Hábito: La convergencia del catolicismo y el Zen

Tanto en el catolicismo como en el zen, dice Rubén Hábito, hay una quietud en la que no hacen falta palabras.

The Dalai Lama sits in a brown chair delivering his brithday message

Ver: El Dalai Lama comparte un mensaje por su cumpleaños número 88

Aunque soy un solo ser humano, dijo Su Santidad el Dalai Lama en su mensaje por su cumpleaños número 88, "aspiro a contribuir en pensamiento, palabra y obra a la paz mundial".

Afrontar el abuso de poder

Titulares recientes han revelado que las comunidades espirituales, incluidas las budistas, son particularmente vulnerables al abuso sexual por parte de figuras de autoridad masculinas.

Share Your Wisdom: What do you think unifies all Buddhist traditions?

There are many different Buddhist schools and, in many ways, they’re quite distinct from each other. What do you think unifies all true Buddhist traditions?

5 Great Meditation Teachers

Beginning with the Buddha himself,  five extraordinary teachers instruct us in the practice of calming the mind, cultivating awareness, and — ultimately — finding freedom.

A hand holds a blue Catholic rosary.

Ruben Habito Interview: The Convergence of Catholicism and Zen

In both Catholicism and Zen, says Ruben Habito, there’s a stillness where no words are needed.

Dani Shapiro: Dharma & Devotion

Dani Shapiro talks about being raised Orthodox Jewish, uncovering a decades-old family secret, and writing her new novel—her most spiritual work yet.

Head of the Tibetan government-in-exile defends Dalai Lama after video circulates of exchange with boy

“His Holiness wishes to apologize to the boy and his family, as well as his many friends across the world, for the hurt his words may have caused,” the statement reads.

Meet a Teacher: Arinna Weisman

Arinna Weisman gets personal with the Lion's Roar readership.

Conoce al Maestro: Bhante Sanathavihari

Una entrevista con Bhante Sanathavihari de nuestra serie "Conozca al maestro" de la edición de marzo del 2022 de Lion's Roar.

Meet a Teacher: Qalvy Grainzvolt

Qalvy Grainzvolt gets personal with the Lion's Roar readership.

Nueva pagina web invita a la discusión de acusaciones de abuso contra el 17º Karmapa

Healing Our Sanghas ​​tiene como objetivo ofrecer un "espacio seguro, necesario para que los practicantes discutan el impacto de las acusaciones de abuso sin enfrentar represalias".

New website invites discussion of abuse allegations against 17th Karmapa

“Healing Our Sanghas” invites Tibetan Buddhist practitioners to share the impact on themselves and their communities of allegations of sexual assault and abuse against the 17th Karmapa.

No puedes fracasar en la meditación

Dan Harris se mete dentro de la historia de mindfulness -o atención plena- y compasión a partir de los maestros budistas Joseph Goldstein, Sharon Salzberg y Mark Epstein. 

Meet a Teacher: Bhante Buddharakkhita

Bhante Buddharakkhita gets personal with the Lion’s Roar readership.

What Are the Three Minds?

Zen master Dogen wrote that someone working to benefit others should maintain three minds: magnanimous mind, parental mind, and joyful mind.